~   ~Elizabeth T. Dillingham, “A Faery Song” (via seabois)

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Los nanquines de Rodrigo Mota
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Tom Waits.
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Vivien Leigh, 1940s.
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shalom harlow and marc vanderloo photographed by bruce weber for versace  f/w 1996
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.. are tried men. Men who have been though trials. Men who have failed, either once or time and time again, and have come out the other side victorious. Men who make a conscious effort to go against the grain day in and day out. When they see fighting, don’t run and hide, but run towards it. Wisdom, my friends, is now found in knowledge, but in the love of wisdom itself. Keep on, keepin’ on.

… Are men who have patience in the most rushed hours. When life literally falls on you and your shoulders can hardly handle the weight, the wisest man not only bites his lip, but changes his thoughts. Outward perspectives, and introspective checks, a wise man keeps himself from breaking but knows when to ask a wiser woman for help. Not only in love do we find others, it’s how we find the wisest in ourselves. 
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by Peter Lindbergh
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Vogue US April 1989"Close Fit"Model: Naomi CampbellPhotographer: Herb Ritts
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Under The Influence Spr/Sum 2014 - Senait Gidney by Andrew Vowles
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Vogue Paris Aug 2002 ‘Comme Par Enchantmente’ - Natalia Vodianova by Mario Sorrenti
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Richard Sandler:  Grand Central Station. NYC (1989)  via blackpicture
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backstage at comme des garçons s/s 2011
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Opaque  by  andbamnan